2:35 PM - 3:25 PM EST  |  Tuesday October 19

Getting Emotional Over Analytics

Chad Schott
VP, Learning, Quality & Compliance

Nick Morrison
Manager of CSAT and Quality Analytics

Ezra Roberts
Manager, Quality Analytics

Kevin Doyle
Senior Analyst, Interaction Analytics

Power Users & Program Owners

CallMiner’s conversation analytics platform can expose customer sentiment and emotion, which represent an entire field of often unexplored opportunity, to improve interaction quality and customer satisfaction. Join this session with industry leaders from Angi and SiriusXM to hear best practices on measuring and improving these critical areas of customer engagement.   

Chad Schott, VP of Quality Assurance, and Nick Morrison, Analytics Manager at Angi, identified clear correlation between emotion and CSAT scores. They developed a methodology around customer empathy called “emotion affirmation” to train agents and drive trust in longer, more positive calls that improved CSAT and increased revenue.  SiriusXM Senior Analyst, Kevin Doyle, will detail how his team is using emotional analysis to drive action beyond the contact center, creating better experiences for customers and increasing the likelihood of successful upsell opportunities and renewals.