1:45 PM - 2:35 PM EST  |  Tuesday October 19

Level Up: Mastering the CallMiner API

Collin Warren
Speech Analytics Manager

Damon Leahy
Director of IT
AscensionPoint Recovery Services

Power Users & Program Owners

CallMiner offers a front-end API and an ingestion API that provide flexibility in extracting data from the platform, processing that data offline, and injecting metadata back into the system for improved categorization and analysis. In this session, analysts from two companies will elaborate on how their teams are making the most of CallMiner APIs to reveal insights that accelerate business results. 

First, you’ll hear how Damon Lahey, Director of IT at AscensionPoint, utilized the CallMiner front-end API to tie agent success to key conversation milestones, massage the data outside the platform, and utilize the ingestion API to incorporate the timing of those milestones as metadata within the platform. Then, Collin Warren, Speech Analytics Manager at HPOne, will detail a method he used to pull out category hits to determine which agents had conversations exhibiting best practices for key milestones, and utilize Python to aggregate and visualize distributions of agent groups based on those best practices.