Stacy Dye

SVP/GM, Quantitative Insights

Stacy Dye works with brands across the US to leverage the power of customer experience research and insights to fuel business growth. As head of quantitative insights for RDI, a Cincinnati-based BPO, she works with clients to elevate the profile of the contact center from “call maker/taker” to business insights contributor, utilizing a combination of traditional research methods alongside innovative technologies, such as speech and text analytics.

Stacy is a classically trained market researcher, with over 20 years of experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Throughout her career, she has worked with clients across a broad range of industries to drive understanding, acceptance, and ultimately, usage of research as a tool to improve sales and customer satisfaction. She is a skilled facilitator of strategic and action planning sessions which assist clients by engaging employees (from executive to line level) to create long-range plans to improve research results, and long-term growth. Stacy’s ultimate goal is to help her clients embrace research as a change agent within their organizations.

Executive Track

2:35 PM - 3:25 PM EST  |  Tuesday October 19

Roundtable: Best Practices and Lessons Learned in a New World