12:07 PM - 12:50 PM EST  |  Tuesday October 19

Keynote Address: LISTENING in a Changed World

Jeff Gallino
CTO, Founder

Panos Periorellis
Principal Program Manager, AI and Research

General Sessions

While the world has changed around us, businesses have adapted to the new normal. Digital transformation permeates all businesses – and at the center of it all, is the customer.  The opportunity to truly LISTEN to what they have to share about their experience with your business has always been what CallMiner is about.

In this session, Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder at CallMiner and Panos Periorellis, Principal Program Manager, AI and Research – Azure at Microsoft, will explore how businesses are rising to the challenge of hearing what their customers, partners and employees are telling them – and using those insights to drive critical decision making.