1:45 PM - 2:35 PM EST  |  Wednesday October 20

Analytics and Pattern Recognition: Your Data-Driven Crystal Ball

Pulkit Jain
Assistant Vice President, Business Analytics
Radius Global Solutions

Jeremy Schaffer
Speech Analytics Analyst
Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

Power Users & Program Owners

In this session, we’ll go beyond standard categories and scoring to explore critical aspects for utilizing CallMiner as a platform to enhance analysts’ ability to recognize patterns and drive critical insights from customer conversations. 

First, we’ll hear how Pulkit Jain, Radius Global Solutions Assistant Vice President of Business Analytics, has spearheaded the movement to use CallMiner’s ingestion API for predictive purposes that have revolutionized the way organizations gain insight and act on customer conversations. Then, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Speech Analytics Analyst, Jeremy Schaffer, will share his unique experience using CallMiner analytics to identify repeated phishing attempts, allowing his organization to proactively take action to reduce the risk of cyberattacks.